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March 10, 2011 / molehunter

Blue white veil and abnormal pigment network in a thin melanoma

The dermoscopic view of this 0.5mm Breslow melanoma shows a striking blue white veil (call it blue grey veil if you like, there is a lot of room for interpretation) and numerous areas of irregular and abnormal pigment network (for example at the far left. Some more or less normal reticular pigment network at 12 o’clock establishes that this is a melanocytic lesion as opposed to a pigmented basal cell cancer.) Note also the ill defined grey area at the lower pole of the lesion. Grey is never a good colour to see through your dermoscope, but when blue, grey and brown are present in a melanocytic lesion, its definitely one for the histopathologist.

thin melanoma, out, good result.


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