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July 14, 2011 / molehunter

another funny looking but harmless pigmented lesion

This lesion was an incidental finding during a skin check, it had been present for years without changing. the plain view might cause concern due to the eccentric varied colour, but the dermoscopy shows strong features of a seborrhoeic wart (seborrhoeic keratosis, or basal cell papilloma). There is no reticular network but there are abundant milia like cysts. The border is also very well defined with ‘fat finger’ appearance in the deeply pigmented part. Note also the yellow waxy appearance of the paler part, you don’t see this in skin cancers. A perfectly harmless lesion despite the asymmetry and mixed colur.

Note also the long history of no change. The dermoscope can be most helpful in reassuring people with such lesions.


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