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March 11, 2012 / molehunter

2012 skin lesion recognition and dermoscopy course

South Coast Dermoscopy Associates are repeating the successful integrated skin lesion recognition and dermoscopy course that we (my consultant colleagues Dr Birgit Pees and Dr Catriona Henderson and I) ran last year in Fareham , Hampshire. The dates are the last Friday afternoons in June and september. As with last year, participants will receive a memory drive containing all the presentations,  50 case discussions (was 32 last year) and much additional learning material amounting to a virtual textbook, plus on line case discussion for the 3 months of the course. Full cost is £200 with sustantial discounts for early bookers and members of the Wessex GP Education Trust. WGPET have kindly agreed to support us again. The course is open to registered medical and nursing practitioners and will be of particular interest to GPs, (especially those wishing to excise BCCs under LES/DES arrangements and will have to produce evidence of diagnostic ability), dermatology trainees, and dermatology specialist nurses. It may also be of interest to occupational health practitioners who wish to offer mole screening as a benefit to their workforce. Email me on hayes373    at  btinternet   d o t com for full details and an application form. More later.

UPDATE as of 13th June, 42 learners are booked and the on line learning gropup has ben set up,  there are still spaces.

PS RIP Alethea Georgiou whose blog I had been following. Her melanoma killed her last June. Its for people like her that I am ruing this blog, if we improved our level of  early melanoma diagnosis to what is already being achieved in Australia and the USA we could save 600 lives a year in the UK.

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