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June 12, 2012 / molehunter

Blue grey ovoid nests and arborising telangiectases


A somewhat nondescript plaque. The dermoscope reveals additional features.


Dermoscopy shows a pink background, micro ulcers (the irregular yellow areas. the yellow /orange colouris fibrin) blue grey ovoid nests and arborising telangiectatic vessels typical of a basal cell cancer.

A full house of all 4 classic BCC features

-pink background

-arborising telangiectases

-micro ulcers

-irregular pigmented structures (in this case, blue grey ovoid nests, which are very classical for BCCs. Various other foms of irregular pigmented structures occur, these are only the most typical and easiest described. Once you have seen a few on the ‘scope, you start noticing the larger examples on naked eye inspection of lesions)

The dermoscopy gives a ‘bet your pension on it’ level of certainty that this is a basal cell cancer, confirmed on histology


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