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July 2, 2012 / molehunter

Another recently changed mole

A white middle aged man presented with a history of recent change in a mole on his trunk. The mole in question does not look particularly dramatic in itself BUT it is bigger and darker than all his other moles AND a history of recent change is the most important pointer to possible danger. Careful attention is mandatory and if we cannot then positively say this is harmless then action is required.

This dermoscopic image shows additional colours including a diffuse blue-grey veil (right of centre) and red background, particularly in the top right. The border from about 6 to 10 o’clock is very irregular with peripheral steaks and globules.  A few scattered black dots and globules can be seen in from 9 o’clock. Melanoma. Note that a few fine hairs are growing out of the lesion. Thin melanomas may indeed have hair growing out of them.


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