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August 22, 2012 / molehunter

Reticular pigment network-what is normal?

This 5mm naevus on the trunk gave rise to mild concern as it was of mixed and asymmetric colour.

Dermoscopy shows a reticular pigment network which in this dermoscopist’s view is well within the limits of normal. The colour is varied but its all brown, shall we say medium brown and light brown. The pigment network is made up of lines and holes, these vary to some extent but not radically. There are no streaks, globules, dots, blue-grey veil, black blotches etc.
This naevus was not removed for histology as there wasn’t enough wrong with it. If you removed every naevus that looked this funny you would have to greatly increase resources and cover people with avoidable scars. The patient was reassured but told that if the mole changed significantly they could seek further advice. Reassurance should always be accompanied by advice about what changes to look out for and report: dermoscopy can do many things but it cannot predict the future.




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