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September 11, 2012 / molehunter

New dark lesion on abdomen

This new pigmented lesion had appeared over the last year.

The close up image is a bit out of focus. Definitely needs dermoscopy!

The dermoscopic image is revealing.

Reticular network is clearly seen, therefore it is melanocytic. There are no features pointing to a seborrhoiec keratosis.

Count the colours:  I can see several shades of brown, a black blotch at 12 o’clock, a blue white veil below that, and a red area left of centre lower down. 4 colours is 2 too many.

The lesion edge is irregular wityh several notches, the pigment network is variable with broadening near the black blotch.

This could only be a melanoma, hopefully a thin one with an excellent chance of cure due to early presentation.

PS confirmed to be a thin melanoma on histology.


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