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September 18, 2012 / molehunter

Yet another basal cell cancer

lesion on face, scabbing on and off for 4 months or so

lets see if tensioning the skin makes this any more visible.

Tensioning skin with finger and thumb (or 2 fingers) makes the pearly edge of this small BCC more evident. This is a handy little tactic which often reveals a lesion to be more extensive than at first thought. Experiment with light from different angles.

Dermoscopy confirms this is a BCC.

Typical basal cell cancer. Features are central ulcer (yellow) pearly matrix of the cancer which contrasts with the surrounding skin, and classic arborising vessels. List for excision with 4mm margins and reconstruction. Check the rest of the patient’s skin, often there is a second cancer. This is especially important for men who live without the blessing of a wife to literally ‘watch their back’.

One more typical BCC where dermoscopy puts the already probable diagnosis beyond doubt. No lives saved, these tumours invade locally if left but do not spread, but simpler surgery is required for smaller lesions.


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