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October 2, 2012 / molehunter

Dermoscopy is often unnecessary

This 6mm diameter wart was a nuisance to the patient so was removed by shave and light cautery. Its obviously a seborrhoiec wart due to its appearance which is mostly characterised by fissuring of the well organised greasy surface keratin.

Note even colour and surface fissuring.

Dermoscopy really does not add anything.

This edited image just shows the same features as naked eye, but magnified.

A typical benign seborrhoiec wart or keratosis. These lesions have a wide range of appearances, this is one of the variations. No fleshy base and a slow history, nothing to worry about. A very basic case for the beginner, posted to make the point that dermoscopy should not be over emphasised. Very often it does not change your mind at all as there are no features to be seen on dermoscopy that cannot be seen equally well by naked eye, a light and a lens. The important thing is to know what you are looking for and take a holistic approach.


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