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January 19, 2013 / molehunter

Fast growing red nodular tumour

This tumour on a 40 year old’s arm had grown rapidly over 3 months and had bled.

pyogenic granuloma haemangioma (1)

Dermoscopy is irrelevant and unhelpful. New firm growing pink or red tumours just need to be excised for histology without delay. Many, like this lesion, will be pyogenic granulomas. These tumours are benign but are very unpleasant and now and then one turns out to be something nastier.

Alternative diagnoses for new, firm, growing red nodular lesions are…

amelanotic/hypopigmented melanoma

squamous cell cancer

cutaneous metastasis from an internal malignancy, e.g. lung, thyroid, breast, bowel etc. the primary cancer may be known or unknown (occult)

Merkel cell cancer (rare, but deadly)

Once again, dermoscopy is a helpful adjunct to skin lesion diagnosis but is not a substitute for basic history taking and examination skills and sometimes, especially for nodular lesions, is little or no help.



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  1. Michele / Jan 5 2014 6:58 pm

    I just noticed that I had one that had grown quickly without realizing it on the bra line of my right rib cage. I also have liver lesions, a spot on my lung, hypoparathyroidism, removal of uterus with fibroid tumors and endometriosis. This thing was almost identical to the one pictured and clearly I pay attention to my body and the moles as my father too has these moles, but his turn almost a purple black. Well I only just noticed within the last week that this small dot had grown bigger than a pencil eraser, and it bothered me me to see I hadn’t caught it sooner. Well I after showing my husband and asking him if he had noticed it, he said “No, not that big!” Well I snagged it last night and it bled and bled… I couldn’t make it stop! It was running down my side like a incision had been made! Well this morning I awoke to the old sack filled mole hanging by a thread to it visibly growing back all over again and this was only less than 12 hours later. I’m hoping it isn’t going to grow at such a fast cellular rate!! If so I’ll need it looked at as this I don’t believe to be normal. Can they grow just this fast? And is it possible my liver lesions could be a part of this as well?

    Michele Brown

    • molehunter / Feb 11 2014 5:05 pm

      Sorry for delay Michelle, I don’t routinely check for comments here. The only sensible thing to do with any new, changing, growing or otherwise odd looking skin growth is to get it checked out. This blog is mainly as a service to doctors who want to learn skin cancer diagnosis skills especially dermoscopy although obviously it is open to all. I can’t give individual advice. Get it checked if you haven’t already. Kind regards.

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