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January 21, 2013 / molehunter

Feedback from 2012 Integrated Skin Lesion Recognition and Dermoscopy course

We are running the course for the third year (with the addition of a dermoscopy day conference for more advanced practitioners in Winchester in October) and bookings are coming in steadily. Click on relevant phrase box on the top right of this page for more details and email me (email adress is there not on this post to reduce spam) for details and a booking form.

I attach some feedback that has come in over the last week with applications to go on the 2013 integrated course (26th April and 21st June)  and advanced dermoscopy day conference (18th October). I don’t like to boast, (well I do really but don’t want to go over the top) but I do want to say-yes, our past learners find that the course is effective and can help a motivated learner get better at diagnosing skin lesions. And there really is a need for it with rising UK skin cancer rates and large numbers of urgent referrals to hospital which could be safely avoided by better diagnostic training in the community.

One GP colleague wrote

“Dear Stephen,
I attended your dermoscopy course 2 years ago and it completely inspired me.
I am now the practice dermoscopy ‘expert’ and have picked up 2 melanomas in
the last 6 months thanks to you and your team of trainers! I would be very
interested in attending the intermediate/ advanced course in October in
Winchester. Please can you email the details so I can book myself on it as
soon as possible!”

This chimes in with the words of another GP colleague who told me verbally that he had picked up 2 melanomas, one of which had been missed by another doctor, and he was sure it had been due to the dermoscopy skills he had learned on the course.

Another colleague wrote

“Thanks Stephen. It seems amazing value and I will definitely signing up. Your course was recommended to me by one of my partners **** ****** (an ex
GPwSI in dermatology) and also ***** ******* a local dermatologist, by the way.

See you in April”

(names asterisked out but I affirm they are well respected doctors)

another wrote last week

“Dear Dr Hayes

I am very keen to do this course having heard very good feedback from Isle of Wight colleagues who have done it in previous years.

I would be grateful if I could register/apply for the 2013 course.

Kind regards”

I’m not saying our course is better than anyone elses’, and I strongly recommend learners to go on more than one course for balance, breadth and repetition. However I believe ours may be the best value for money UK dermoscopy course since as well as 6 hours of lectures you also get a virtual text book with 50 case studies and an on line discussion group. The only other course I know that offers on line case discussions is the Cardiff course, which is very good indeed-I did it in 2010 and recommend it-but it is £995. I will publicise all the other courses I know in a future posting.


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