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March 18, 2013 / molehunter

Dermoscopy tutorials on YouTube

Just back from a dermoscopy master class given by Giuseppe Argenziano and Iris Zalaudek in Manchester arranged by the Primary Care Dermatology Society (PCDS). Fantastic weekend. The PCDS is the main provider of dermatology education for GPs in Britain, see where there are details of dermoscopy courses, including several Dermoscopy For Beginners (DFB) courses throughout Britain this year and an advanced dermoscopy day course taught mainly by the great Dr Jonathan Bowling in London on 3rd October. Don’t miss it, it will be excellent.

Dr Bowling, who works closely with the PCDS as well as running his own independent course, deserves enormous credit for his pioneering work kick starting dermoscopy in the UK. He is in my view the best dermoscopy teacher in Britain by some distance.

There are a huge number of dermoscopy tutorial videos freely available on YouTube, including by Professors Argenziano and Zalaudek. I have posted a link below to one series, but there are many others. Just go to YouTube, search on dermoscopy, and learn from the best teachers from Europe, Australia and the USA.

With dermoscopy, due to the somewhat subjective nature of the art and the variability between lesions, it is wise to learn from as many teachers as possible. There is a lot of agreement even if there is some difference in emphasis and terminology. Its great that so many world experts have made their material freely available on YouTube. Pass it on- most folks are surprised when I tell them and these videos are not getting as many views and positive comments as they should.


PS yes I do know that YouTube abounds with every kind of nonsense under the sun,because the wise and the foolish equally enjoy free speech! But don’t let that put you off.


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