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November 7, 2013 / molehunter

Integrated skin lesion recognition and dermoscopy course 2014

The dates are Friday afternoons 28th March and 13th June, with on line case discussions and homework with a memory drive containing the presentations plus other learning material in between those dates. Cost is likely to be £220 inclusive with early booker discount. There may also be a discount for paid up WGPET members if this is negotiated as it was the last 2 years. Location as before Fareham holiday Inn. Full details will be posted later and circulated with WGPET newsletter. Open to all health care professionals from surgeons to chiropodists but will appeal most to GPs, specialist nurses and dermatology SPRs.

This course has been run for 3 years, with positive feedback and GP learners reporting that they have been able to use their newly acquired skills to significantly reduce avoidable referrals. I encourage would be dermoscopists to learn from as many sources as possible, hence my links to other learning resources from here. We aren’t in competition with anyone, but we do try to run the best course we can and hope to make 2014 the best yet.


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