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March 19, 2014 / molehunter

2014 dermoscopy courses

The Primary Care Dermatology Society (PCDS) has for some years been a strong advocate of dermoscopy as part of its holistic approach to better dermatology patient care. I am involved with the PCDS and recently attended an excellent weekend of education and networking at Kenilworth for the PCDS’ 20th anniversary. We are the premier, if not only, UK organisation for GPs who are interested in skin disease and have some 1500 members. We work to educate and advocate for dermatology, working with other parties such as the British Association of Dermatologists, Royal College of GPs, Dermatology Council of England, All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin, and others.

There are several PCDS dermoscopy education conferences happening in 2014. Details are to be found on the PCDS blog at  .The web site has been strengthened over the last 5 years with a huge amount of investment and we believe it is a significant learning resource, freely available to all.

The Dermoscopy for Beginners day course runs at Cambridge on 15th May, London 12th June and York on 18th June. This is a day of dermoscopy education and learners will receive a memory drive (included in the £125 course cost) containing most of the presentations plus additional learning material.

For improvers who have made a start with dermoscopy, Jonathan Bowling with colleagues will present an Advanced Dermoscopy day conference in Manchester 27th March (still a very few tickets left I hear) and London on Thursday 2nd October. I attended this meeting last year and it was absolutely first class. I don’t advise absolute beginners to attend, but if you were really keen to go then given that there is so much free dermoscopy educational material on the web these days (see links to the right of this page) you could spend 20 hours teaching yourself before you went to get up to speed. All the details are on the PCDS web site under events.

A really amazing Dermoscopy Masterclass will be presented by top European experts professors Giuseppe Argenziano and Iris Zalaudek in Glasgow over the weekend of 8/9 November at the PCDS Scottish meeting. I have heard this duo present several times and they are outstanding-a beginner will learn something but an experienced person will gain depth and confidence. This is about teaching the teachers. Strongly recommended.

* I must declare an interest since i am involved in the delivery of PCDS events and receive some speaker fees for Dermoscopy for Beginners presentations that i do (I don’t do all of them, we are a team), but I can strongly recommend all of these learning opportunities, particularly the Jonathan Bowling Masterclass. Jonathan is the top dermoscopy man in UK and just gets better.


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