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September 29, 2014 / molehunter

Harmless mole with regular globules

Having just posted an image of a melanoma which amongst its other features included irregular dots and globules, I thought I’d post a harmless mole with normal globules.

What are globules? same as dots, but larger. They are nests of proliferating melanocytes, and can be normal or abnormal. It is normal for moles (naevi, nevi) to appear and grow in young people, certainly up to the age of 25 give or take. The older you are, the less likely a new, growing mole is to be normal, but in younger people it is almost always normal.benign mole regular globules

Apply the SCOPE rule to this mole

Symmetry very good in 2 planes, for shape, structure and colour.

COlours-only brown, arguably 2 shades but no colours other than brown.

Patterns-amorphous centre, peripheral globules-2 patterns which exhibit excellent symmetry in 2 planes

Edge-regular string of globules all the way round.

There is nothing wrong with this mole, especially if the person has a few others like it. These globules are where the growth is taking place, just like the epiphesis in a bone that is growing. When they are done growing, they will disappear.

When we see dots and globules (dots are small globules, globules are big dots) we ask 3 questions of them.

Are they of a similar size?

Are they of similar colour?

Are they distributed evenly? 

In this case, the globules are of similar size and colour and are distributed very evenly around the lesion’s edge. Nothing to worry about in this perfectly normal naevus.


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