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November 17, 2014 / molehunter

Guiseppe Argenziano on asymmetry of colour, shape and structures in suspicious moles.

While I’m posting links to other people’s videos, here’s one from the great Professor Giuseppe Argenziano of Reggio Emilia, Naples, Italy. Argenziano has published about a quarter of the world research on dermoscopy which makes him VERY authoritative. This is worth watching if only for his comments on asymmetry in naevi-he says ‘We don’t care much about the shape (of melanocytic naevi) , only the colour and structure.’ Watch the video to see what this means.

Guiseppe also references the study he, Susanna Puig and others did that showed how just ONE DAY of dermoscopy training greatly improved community doctors’ ability to pick up  melanomas while referring fewer harmless lesions.


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