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November 20, 2014 / molehunter

Harald Kittler’s algorithm-new link.

Recently I had the privilege of briefly meeting Prof Harald Kittler of Vienna when he was a guest speaker at the Primary Care Dermatology Society Scottish meeting. He has developed a simplified approach to dermoscopic pattern analysis, dispensing with metaphorical terms such as cartwheels, fingerprints, cobblestones etc and using just 5 nouns (dots, clods, lines, circles and pseudo pods) with some adjectives.

Ian McColl who does the Dermoscopy Made Simple blog uses the Kittlerian terminology. There is a link to his blog and I have just added a new link to Professor Kittler’s blog. Please click on the links and learn what you can.

I was at first concerned about a new terminology, but like my PCDS colleagues I was much impressed by this teacher’s approach. I think it possible to blend the ‘traditional’ and Kittlerian approaches.

6 people will die from melanoma in Britain today


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