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December 17, 2014 / molehunter

Cardiff Dermoscopy course

I did this course in the first year it began. It’s 12 weeks, 100% on line and I thought it very good. There are six 2 week modules with on line material on a secure site covering every aspect of dermoscopy, and 2 discussion groups, one where learners can post their own cases and a tutored group led by expert dermoscopists. Several top international experts contributed, including Iris Zalaudek, Scott Menzies and Guiseppe Argenziano. I thought it a very good course, and knowing Cardiff they have probably improved it on feedback since then. Only snag is the price-£995.

See here for details.

I would encourage any doctor who can afford it and wants to learn dermoscopy to consider this excellent course which runs twice a year from March and September. But if £1k is a little beyond your means, you could come on our Integrated Skin Lesion Recognition and Dermoscopy course which runs for its 5th successive year on 13th March and 19th June plus e-learning. Our course also offers 12 weeks of tutored on line case discussion sandwiched between 2 half days of lectures, plus a virtual textbook to keep on USB memory drive which included the full presentations, at least 50 case discussions and additional learning material.

Cost is £250, discounted to £200 if booked before 1st February, further discount (£150/120) for nurses.

Click on box in top left for details of the South Coast Dermoscopy Course. You pay your money and you take your choice!


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