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March 18, 2015 / molehunter

a banal mole on the sole

Picture not well focused, but you can see at least the size. Is this very worrying?


its really small, and as far as can be seen, only one shade of brown.

Is dermoscopy really necessary for such a trivial looking mole as this? Arguably not, but let’s have a look anyway. There is a lot to be said for dermoscopy students looking at every bland, banal inconsequential looking pigmented lesion they see, just to build up a mental picture of the normal.


How many colours? Only one-medium to dark brown.

How many structures? Parallel furrow only. How can I be so sure? Because there are regularly sized dots located along the less pigmented areas, which therefore represent the ridges. The pigment is concentrated in the narrow lines between the ridges, i.e. the furrows.

There are some cross links between furrows. This is of no significance.

This is a completely banal looking mole-it would be unethical to excise it for histology just to prove a point, but when reassuring a patient with a harmless looking mole it is wise to discuss signs of worrying change-e.g. significant change in shape, size or colour. I have 20 images of melanoma on my tablet device which I show to patients with banal naevi to reassure them and advise what danger signs to look for,


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