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March 18, 2015 / molehunter

suspicious mole on shoulder

New, growing mole on sun exposed adult white skin. Worrying.


Quite a few freckles in the background, an indication of past sun damage. The mole itself is maybe as many as 3 colours including some pink. Not very keen on that. Dermoscope out.


Multiple colours, multiple structures. Not acceptable.  Is it melanocytic? Yes, because there is reticular network, easiest seen at around 12 o’clock, and brown globules on the right.

re globules: when we see them in a lesion we ask 3 questions

1) colour?

2) size?

3) distribution?

These globules vary in size and colour and are irregularly distributed. So in fact the globules alone answer both parts of our 2 part algorithm

1) ‘Is this lesion melanocytic?’ (yes-because of the brown globules)

2) ‘If it is melanocytic, could it be a melanoma?’ (yes, because the globules are irregular is size, colour and distribution)

The blue grey veil is a bonus feature. Histology confirmed a thin, therefore almost certainly curable, melanoma.


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