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October 23, 2015 / molehunter

Dermoscopy made simple

Do check out Dr Ian McColl’s really excellent dermoscopy tutorials on YouTube. He emphasises the Kittlerian descriptive terminology which I have only become interested in over the last year. It really helps.

As I often say, with dermoscopy there is inevitably a subjective element, also experts have different communication styles and may emphasise different aspects of lesion recognition. Listening to various teachers and putting your own style together is, I think, a good approach. Besides which, above all you need to see lots of cases. So do make what use you can of the cases I post here but please check out other teachers like Dr McColl who has gone to much trouble to post these free video tutorials.

PS just a reminder, this blog is mainly aimed at medical professionals, but obviously it is open to all. If you are a regular member of the public and worried about a mole, see a suitably trained medical professional.


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