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November 3, 2015 / molehunter

Some more seborrhoeic keratoses with image editing

I edit dermoscopic images, using Microsoft photo editor. Others do as well. this isn’t cheating, after all the image we take with a digital camera in only a representation of the natural features of the lesion, and may not be a true representation.

Obviously photoshopping in features which aren’t there would not be legitimate, but I often edit images for brightness and contrast which makes them easier to see key features like network and vessels.

2 bland pale seb ks (2)

Here is a seborrhoiec wart, poor image quality. Now here it is again, edited.

2 seb warts (1)

the brown clods and white clods are easier to see.

Here is another from the same patient.

2 bland pale seb ks (1)

2 seb warts (2)

No cheating, just clarification. One of the presenters at the Vienna world congress on dermoscopy and skin imaging made a similar point. It is worth trying. also it’s often a good idea to crop images.

Any clinician who does dermoscopy should consider image capture and storage (remember patient confidentiality especially if recognisable features are included). benefits include personal audit and the ability to teach others, we need more experienced dermoscopy teachers.



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  1. Dr Wayne Maxwell / Nov 4 2015 10:18 am

    Hi Steve,
    Are there any plans to train some dermoscopy teachers ? I agree there is a need to teach and spread the word.
    Best wishes

  2. molehunter / Nov 5 2015 3:40 pm

    Hi Wayne. I would like to see a UK and Ireland dermoscopy group set up, but currently its difficult to generate the enthusiasm. This blog is my little bit so far. I got an item about the Vienna dermoscopy world congress in the BAD bulletin and am planning a course for registrars in London n 2016, maybe move the BAD forward. The initiative really needs to come from higher up. When I hear of any progress I will post about it here. Nice to hear from you. Stephen

  3. Благовест Богданов / Jun 22 2016 7:00 am

    Hello Sir,

    what are the steps of editing dermoscopic images with Microsoft Photo Editor?


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