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March 5, 2016 / molehunter

Dark mole on sole of foot


People worry about moles on the sole of the foot. Yes, there are horror stories about nodular melanomas at this location which get mistaken for verrucas, wrongly treated with cryotherapy and end up being lethal. But a flat mole on the sole is no more likely to be a melanoma than one elsewhere.



This mole caused concern as it was very dark. Let’s look at the dermoscopy.


The colour is a little variable but essentially is all brown. It is mainly arranged in parallel lines. If you look carefully, there are pale circles running along in between the lines. These are the openings of sweat gland, and these mark out the ridges. Between the broader ridges are the furrows, and it is here that the pigment in concentrated, making this a parallel furrow mole. These are harmless.

The most you would do with this mole is measure, photograph and review. For more about moles on the sole, see Dr Eric Ehrsam’s excellent blog, see link. But, as ever, warn folks to come back for review if significant change occurs. Home photography, so easy these days, can help.


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  1. meenamohan / Mar 5 2016 10:43 am

    had a similar case on the palm of hand

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