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April 14, 2016 / molehunter

Very dark mole on white arm

A dramatic looking mole had appeared over the last year on a white person’s arm

case 16 (1)

The picture is a little out of focus, we need a better look. But I’m not very keen on this. Beware new, solitary lesions, especially if very dark and angular like this. Better get a closer look with the dermoscope.

case 16 (2)

As they say in France ‘Je m’en ******!’. Or in more polite language, ‘Goodness gracious me!’

using the SCOPE lesion evaluation tool, we note the following.

Symmetry-very lacking. Symmetry can relate to shape, colour, or arrangements of dermoscopic structures. This fails very badly on the last 2 counts, if the shape is not terribly bizzare.

COunting the COlours, I can see black, brown, white, grey, blue and pink. that is ‘too many colours’.

count the Patterns, I can see reticular network (3 o’clock), eccentric black blotch (left upper quadrant), radial streaks (11-12 o’clock), blue white veil (9 o’clock) and shiny white streaks (most obviously at bottom left). That is 5 different structures, not counting some questionable brown globules about 4 o’clock and and maybe a pinky brown featureless area. Way too many structures. (PS if we use the Argenziano 7 point check list, several of the structures I have named are strong indicators of melanoma)

Evaluating the Edge, we find it rather variable. We note streaks from 9 t 12 o’clock, also a veil here, and a notch at 5 o’clock.

Decidedly dodgy. In the jar. Melanoma.






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