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February 4, 2017 / molehunter

2 ugly moles on men’s backs

These 2 cases were seen on the same day and had similar stories-a suspicious mole noticed on a middle aged white man’s back. Both are ‘ugly ducklings’, that is to say your eye is drawn to them as the most outstanding mole on the person’s skin.


Are you worried about 1, 2 or both? Perhaps you may agree its not so easy to be sure.

Dermoscopy changes everything.


This is the dermoscopy of the first lesion. It shows an even reticular network, several shades of brown but no additional colours, an overall well balanced structure, and was flat on palpation. Diagnosis: benign junctional naevus which just happens to be the man’s largest naevus.  No concerns, advised to self photograph and report any significant change.

Lesion 2 is different.


Multiple colours, multiple structures= chaos. The main colour is light to medium brown, but there is also a black blotch to right of centre and a bluish structureless area. As far as structure is concerned, there are multiple dots and globules of varying sizes and irregular distribution. Diagnosis=probable superficial spreading melanoma. (histology awaited)

PS melanoma confirmed 0.45mm Breslow, should be cured.


Dermoscopy makes a difference to the diagnosis of a solitary questionable mole.




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  1. Claudia Lucas / Feb 6 2017 9:49 am

    Excellent example for both. thanks

  2. Andy / Feb 6 2017 4:11 pm

    It’s difficult to see the clinical photos (do you have close-ups?), but it appears the top is much more consistent in color (different shades of brown) and the 2nd one, on clinical, it appears as if you can see the black areas around the center of the legion.

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