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February 20, 2017 / molehunter

Selfies for melanoma detection

This sounds interesting.

A US based study using self photographes and Apple software is trying to see if this can be used to detect melanoma early. A paper in the British Journal of Dermatology by Peter Soyer et al showed that selfies of patient- identified suspicious moles with a cheap smartphone dermoscope was feasible.

In the end though, what really matters is people looking out for new and funny moles and easy access to a trained, capable dermoscopist. I am currently working on a presentation about mole monitoring and will post a summary here. Based on what I have been able to learn, there is a lot to be said for selfie mole mapping and 3 monthly review by a friend or relative, with easy access to an expert opinion in the event of a new or changing mole.

more later.




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  1. Claudia Lucas / Feb 20 2017 11:40 am

    suppose would be better than a video consultation by asking for urgent review of the mole which turned out to be a blasting seb K?

    • molehunter / Feb 22 2017 4:53 pm

      One of the things I like about the NHS is that as an NHS doctor I have NO incentive to persuade a patient to have an investigation or procedure I do not believe is necessary, as my salary will be the same. Some of these mole apps are oriented around increasing business opportunities for the clinician who removes moles. Dermoscopy, done well, REDUCES the number of procedures, which may be problematic if the clinician earns money for each procedure…….

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