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March 20, 2017 / molehunter

funny looking black mole

Here’s another mole that you take one look at and think—UGH!!!!!

case 5 (1)


Its ugly, but so was Neil Shroff’s case I posted a few days ago, and that was a harmless seborrhoiec keratosis. Need to get the dermoscope into action.

case 5 (2)

Absolute chaos. Even to a complete beginner, you can see multiple colours, multiple structures, even if you can’t name them.

I can see, from the top of the lesion going clockwise, streaks, an eccentric black blotch, irregular network, asymmetric clods, shiny white streaks, and a blue grey veil. That’s 6 out of 7 of Giuseppe Argenziano’s well validated 7 point check list (the only missing feature being atypical vessels, and there are probably some atypical vessels under all that black.)

Melanoma all the way.




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