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February 6, 2018 / molehunter

black mark under finger nail-could it be melanoma skin cancer?

Following up my recent post about blood under a toenail, here are 2 sequential pictures showing blood growing out.

review nail

For every melanoma of the nail unit I see, I reckon I see about 30 or 40 cases of blood under the nail. This is the case regardless of people remembering an injury or not.

If there is a black or brown line going down the length of the nail, especially if it is slowly widening, and if the pigment spreads out into the skin, or the nail is being destroyed, definitely seek advice. But as these 2 pictures taken about 6 weeks apart show, blood under the nail gradually grows out and breaks up.

This is quite basic, but evidently a lot of people don’t know it, as I keep seeing blood under the nail referred urgently as suspected melanoma.


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