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February 10, 2018 / molehunter

Dots and globules on dermoscopy

I was in Essex last Wednesday teaching on a Primary Care Dermatology Society ( with long term friend and colleague Dr Stephen Kownacki. The PCDS runs Dermoscopy For Beginners day courses for GPs around the country, we had some 50 local GPs at this meeting, run in conjunction with the regional Royal College of GPs. I enjoyed myself and we had good feedback. (*)

As ever, I mentioned to the learners that there is a fantastic, and free, learning resource of dermoscopy videos on YouTube by board members of the International Dermoscopy Society. I have just been watching one by Ashfaq Marghoob, probably the top US dermoscopy doctor. I recommend it, and all the other IDS videos, to all dermoscopy learners.

(*) The PCDS also runs advanced dermoscopy courses for improvers and experts twice a year in London and Manchester. recommended for those who have been on an introductory course and are experienced and want to improve their skills.


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  1. Dr. Soumendra Nath Chowdhury / Feb 11 2018 11:16 am

    This is an excellent video on Dots and globules on dermoscopy. Thanks

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