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February 13, 2018 / molehunter

Dodgy dark mole on the trunk

This mole isn’t very large, but it stands out and may have changed recently. It’s OK by the ABCD rule as it looks oval, smooth and just one colour.

Dermoscopy changes everything.

2CA220B2-A3B5-4A50-89FB-F60EBDC0F887Multiple colours and structures = chaos. What clues?

there are peripheral streaks and globules (arguably pseudopods) from 6 to 9 o’clock, clues to melanoma. There is also a fuzzy blue-white haze, or blue white veil, on the right, a strong clue to melanoma. Also shiny white structures in the body of the lesion ( formerly called the chrysalis sign, a term best avoided). These also are a clue to melanoma. I’d bet my favourite guitar (a lovely cherry red maple flamed 2013 Les Paul) this is a melanoma.

The diagnosis of melanoma was confirmed, it was thin so hopefully this patient would be one of the 85% of all melanoma patients who are cured . Nearly 100% are cured by early detection and surgery.

Look again at the mole on the plain view, doesn’t look that impressive, does it? Dermoscopy works, and should be readily available by a trained person (ideally the person’s GP) who is worried about a new or changing mole.

PS this dermoscopy image was posted previously, but without the plain view.


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