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September 1, 2020 / molehunter

Lentigo maligna melanoma on chest

A new, changing lesion on the chest of an older white person. It stands out as different. Let’s see a close up.

Irregular shape and edge. Suspicious.

Needs Dermoscopy

Dermoscopy amplifies the irregularly and shows chaos with irregular clods, angulated lines and asymmetric featureless areas. The lesion was excised, conforming the impression of lentigo maligna, which had just begun to become invasive. Caught just in time.

August 26, 2020 / molehunter

How to do a full skin check, by Professor Cliff Rosendahl

Professor Cliff Rosendahl shows how to do a proper full skin check. Cliff was very kind to allow me to study with him in his Brisbane clinic, and he is the best.

August 4, 2020 / molehunter

International Zoom dermoscopy meeting links to videos

With many skin cancer diagnostics educational event cancelled, including my own that was to be held in Winchester this June, some on line events are taking place. This one was very good, now the videos are up on YouTube. A very distinguished selection of speakers, 2 of whom (Prof Akay and Prof Argenziano) were due to have presented at my conference.
Please pass these links on to any medical or nursing colleagues who are interested. Caution, the presentations are generally at improver to advanced level, and may be too advanced for the beginner, and certainly a challenge for non medics. Anyhow, they are now in the public realm.
Anything that provides skin cancer education in these difficult times is good. We are seeing more advanced cancers develop as hospital services for non-Covid conditions are postponed, and patients fear to attend hospitals. Skin cancer diagnostics training is a need that will not go away.
Here are all the links to yesterday’s talks:
YouTube Links – Zoomoscopy 2020:
Speaker 1: Paweł Pietkiewicz:
Speaker 2: Iris Zalaudek:
Speaker 3: Giuseppe Argenziano:
Lunchtime Sponsors Exhibition:
Speaker 4: Daniel Vorobiof:
Speaker 5: Aimilios Lallas:
Speaker 6: Bengu Nisa Akay:
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June 21, 2020 / molehunter

Diagnosing melanoma skin cancer part 3


I would be grateful for any comments on the videos I have recently posted here, some have previously been posted on Vimeo, some are new. They are aimed at the general public and at medical and nursing beginners. I hope they will demonstrate some of the typical features of skin cancers. I will consider any requests to cover other subjects about skin cancer diagnosis.

NB I do not blog about the treatment of skin cancers, only diagnosis. Also, I don’t do personal consultations, only general education.

June 21, 2020 / molehunter

Diagnosing melanoma skin cancer part 2